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Bloomington Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminally charges in Bloomington, Illinois?

There are few situations in life as scary as being charged with a crime and having handcuffs slapped around your wrist. Thankfully in our country, the courts operate on the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty. At our Bloomington criminal defense firm, there is nothing that drives us more than the best interests of our clients and upholding their rights at all costs. After being charged with a crime, the most important decision you can make is to hire the best Bloomington criminal defense attorney - someone who is aggressive, yet also compassionate.

Without securing hard-hitting legal representation on your side to combat your charges, your constitutional rights can be violated. Don't allow unscrupulous law enforcement and overzealous prosecutors to jeopardize your future. If convicted of the charges you face, you are looking at hefty fines and, often, a lengthy jail or prison sentence. Don't allow false allegations to strip away at your freedom and happiness. The most detrimental move you could make during this time is to fail to secure legal representation or, worse, to hire a less-than-the-best advocate. Hiring a qualified Bloomington criminal lawyer could be the best decision you make during these dark times.

Why should you hire a Bloomington criminal lawyer?

Even if you are yet to be charged and have only been accused of a crime or are under investigation, it is imperative you seek help from an experienced criminal defense attorney in Bloomington as soon as possible. If police wish to question you, you should exercise your right to remain silent in order to avoid making statements which may be used against you. A Bloomington defense attorney can ensure your rights are protected and guide you in the best approach under the circumstances. A Bloomington criminal defense lawyer will help you avoid submitting paperwork late, help you stand up to prosecutors, thoroughly examine the evidence, provide you with expert witnesses and pursue all alternatives.

Being convicted of a crime not only affects your future educational and employment opportunities, it affects your family and your reputation. The social stigma that comes with having a criminal record can be unbearable. While most prosecutors and police officers adhere to the law, there are cases where police officers destroy or tamper with evidence and where prosecutors hide evidence that favors the defense. You deserve the right to tell the court what really happened! Don't delay in securing the hard-hitting Bloomington criminal attorney you deserve on your side!

What Bloomington Criminal Attorney Jeff Brown Can Do For You

I, Attorney Jeff Brown, have successfully defended many clients in Bloomington, Illinois. When your future is on the line, you want someone on your side that has extensive criminal law and criminal court system knowledge, like I have. The repercussions from an arrest for any criminal offense, whether it is a DUI, a drug offense, or a domestic battery, can be severe. I will investigate your case and take immediate actions necessary to mitigate or eliminate the repercussions of your arrest. I am willing to take your case to trial as opposed to only settling for a plea bargain! As a former prosecutor and probation officer, I have the knowledge of the other side that could prove invaluable to your case. I will not be shooting in the dark throughout the duration of the case!

My Bloomington, IL Office Location:
501 North Main Street #9
Bloomington, IL 61701

I have first-hand knowledge you can trust. When criminal charges are filed against you, your livelihood hangs in the balance. Besides fines and jail time, you could face loss of driving privileges, mandatory treatment programs and more. As soon as I take on your case, I will begin a thorough investigation of the State's evidence against you. Outside of my professional qualifications, why should you trust me or commit the details of your case to me? There are several criminal defense attorneys across Illinois, so why me? As someone who is a committed family man and who loves refurbishing my century old home, I am a lover of life and a believer in American prosperity.

We each deserve our corner of this earth to dwell in peacefully and to pursue our dreams and craft the best futures imaginable for ourselves and our families. When you are accused of a criminal offense, your present and your future are threatened. Your enjoyment of life is taken away and your family's lives are affected. I take every person's best interests to heart and I commit a 100% of my time, energy and resources towards fighting their charges.

I believe every person deserves legal representation in or out of court, which is why I take indigent clients appointed by the Circuit Court. The prosecution bears the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and I will seek out any potential evidence or testimony to assist in defending your case. Throughout the entire proceedings, I will handle your case directly, never referring it to an associate or less experienced attorney. You deserve the dedicated efforts of your own competent criminal defense attorney and this is what you will receive when you work with my firm.

To receive the hard-hitting legal representation you deserve on your side today, contact a Bloomington criminal defense attorney from our firm! Let us get started with helping you immediately.

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